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 what pvp built for mage ?

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PostSubject: what pvp built for mage ?   Sat Jan 19, 2008 2:28 pm

light armor anygood ?. and what about con ? and agi ?. i tho about puting some on agi for crit, becouse int dosnt give that mush more matk.
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PostSubject: Re: what pvp built for mage ?   Sat Jan 19, 2008 7:11 pm

There was a old guild member mage who went the agi route for crit and that was a major mistake, his dmg as he lvl up more and more really started to fade, at first around lvl30s he could out dmg me with the crit/same weapon but as the 40s hit I started to pull away and at the 50s I really sky rocketed and at 60s even if he did crit on every single spell he would have a hard time catching up to me due to his limited mana pools, and since i'm at the 80s now there's no way he can catch up to me. Reason being is that the lower level mage tend to depend greatly on the weapon they have, but as you get into the higher lvl int start to really play a big role, as the int dmg increase I believe in junction with lvl+weapon dmg. As for the light armor mage they tend to be good vs physical but lvling them is a pain since there dmg once more is pretty low, and if you are expecting to hit the higher end lvl I suggest full int with +p.def mod and armor which act similiar to light armor, the only big down to mage is at lower lvl pvping/dueling really isn't a option since you'll be so weak chance of you getting 1-2 hit is very high, but as you hit the 80's and 90's going for int you tend to 1-2shot ppl back, you will still suck in pvp no doubt but in pvp/pking you are side to side and with 2 vigor your pretty much a killing machine. So far from what I gather from various server from PH,CN, and VN mage really shine greatly in the 90s simply due to most boss in that level range dish out magic damage and only mage can tank them, and with hell/heaven mage tend to get either more survivability or insane damage upgrade.

In my opinion the 2 most viable built for mage in this server greatly due to the high exp rate is the con+int built or a full int built.

NOTE: Mage will only need 50str, but if you want staff it'll be 56str max.

In the con+int built you tend to balance con and int out, there's two way to approach such. One being you can up int enough to were you can use your level range weapon, so it'll most likely will go 3con 1int 1str with a spike of 2int sometime to be able to use weapons. The second built is considered to be more balance and favors pvp being that it's 2int 2con 1str, in this built you tend to do more dmg and have very good survivability, as for the first one you will have a bit of a hard time soloing in the higher level and waste more pot, but your spec tend to be the spec best for tanking magic and if high enough you might actually be able to tank boss lower lvl than you a bit with +p.def on armor.

The pure int built, pretty much in my opinion is the glass cannon built, you die fast but you also kill fast. This built really can go two way , one being the 4int 1str built which is the extreme dmg built, that will put out insane damage at high level, especially in the 80s, I myself haven't gone to this extreme myself but i'm pretty close to it and from my personal experience this built average damage output with a lvl60 green sword on nill:
Divine Pyro = 6.4k dmg
Aer....waves = 6.8k
Spring Gush = 3.7k
vs weakness
Divine Pyro = 8.6k dmg
Aer...waves =9k-9.5k
Spring Gush = 5.8k
With a high level 79 yellow or green weapon no +
Divine Pyro = 7.6k
Aer....waves = 8.2k
Spring Gush = 4.3k
vs weakness
Divine Pyro = 10k-11k
Aer..waves = 10.5k-12k
Spring Gush = 7k-8k
With Fury 2 the dmg for aer...waves non crit vs weakness is around 14k-17k, of the lvl59 doom spell pyro with weakness you do around 16k-18k.
The other built is 3int 1con 1str built which tend to put out alot of dmg aswell, but it's more for pve and a bit of survivability, the dmg of this built is about 2-4k lower than the listed dmg I posted up there.

Hope this help you.
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PostSubject: Re: what pvp built for mage ?   Sat Jan 19, 2008 10:50 pm

As Arch covered build, I will talk about skills

The winning move for combat are 4 skills that are quite handy
1) Silence (blast)
2) Insta-cast (Sutra, but eats 2 fury)
3) Teleport-ish (Can't remember, but is something from earth tree)
4) Every earth skill.

I've asked around guild members, and I find that Earth is the weakest, even with me, and other mages (except when using earth shield). So if you are in sutra, you should, no, YOU MUST beat anyone else with earth. Combat is usually bad, since almost any melee opponent, will run at you before the match starts, so you'll be in the losing hand.

That's when teleport kicks in. I overlooked this skill, due to it's lame distance on lvl 1, but eventually, I learnt to live with it. It's a life saver, when a melee gets too close, turn back, run for less than 1 second and cast it.

In TW, and open fields, you get better chances, as you can slow them, and beat them before they even reach you.

Hunters are insta pwnage (you get killed btw), other mages, is just a "who cancels the other on time" kinda thing and who deals more damage (of course, you won't cast something of the same element as the shield they are using, if they have water shield, then DON'T use water).

And, for WF. I just discovered that Phoenix kicks the pet back. So you can Push+slow, then cancel the cast of the WF, beat her a bit, then, if the pet is coming again, teleport-ish, slow, push, keep doing this until you win (or the pet owns you).

And, as a final tip I would recommend you build your 1-6 bar, and F1-Fx bar with a logic sequence of skills for pvp (maybe use another row for it). With the Earth skills on 1-2-3, for easy access, and the other useful things, like slow and phoenix.
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PostSubject: Re: what pvp built for mage ?   Sun Jan 20, 2008 3:49 pm

thank u guys u answers helps greatly Very Happy. dam so mush to read hehe Very Happy thx again
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PostSubject: Re: what pvp built for mage ?   

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what pvp built for mage ?
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