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 Werefox - Luring / Pulling Guide

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PostSubject: Werefox - Luring / Pulling Guide   Thu Jan 17, 2008 6:27 am

Taken from the MY-EN forums:

Your pet is a tank, a damage dealer, a lifesaver, and cherished companion (hey, he's always able to play when you are.) Your pet is also the best puller in the entire game. The fine art of pulling is a necessary skill that I find many Werefoxes have not mastered.

Pulling refers to extracting 1 monster from a group of several aggro monsters. When walking into the pack equals certain death (or just an unpleasant pummeling) then you need to pull one mob at a time. Many people think a ranged attack will pull a single monster. Try it in a dungeon, you will get mobbed. We must all learn to pull.

Step 1 - Get ready

Stand well back from the monsters, fully out of range. Have your pet out, ready, and loyal. Select your target, but do not attack. Press 'P' to bring up pet screen.

Step 2 - Pet attacks
Have your PET attack. You do not attack. Click on the pet attack icon, or Press Alt 1. Your pet will obligingly run over and attack. Good Pet.

Step 3 - Dismiss pet

After your pet has hit the chosen mob 1 time dismiss your pet. Yes, I said Dismiss. (This is why you have the pet screen up BEFORE starting the attacks.) You see, after your pet attacks he will be mobbed. We are trying to avoid a mobbing, so dismiss your pet. If your pet dies OR is dismissed, then anything your pet attacked will come running for YOU.
Believe it or not we want that sometimes.

Step 4 - Call up pet

Immediately after dismissing you pet, you must call up your pet. Wouldn't want that monster getting to you without your faithful companion by your side. If you were far enough from the group of monsters your pet should be ready before the monster hits you.

Furri Suggested:
Quote :

It's a lot easier to open P page and pull the pets image to your hotkeys

then you hit your hot key/click it's picture once to call it and once to unsummon it

If your short on time you can even have a fast pet with a good move like high level ripping bite to make the hit then unsummon

Then pull out your tanker
If you have a spot on your action bar you should try this method.

Celaeris also pointed out that if you have a Werebeast or other tank in your party, then you don't need to resummon your pet. This is true, but pet does additional damage, so it's up to you.

Step 5 - Kill monster

As soon as your pet has been called up you need to kill the mob. Sometimes this means having the pet attack while you heal, sometimes you just kill it together. If the mobs are really packed in I will have one pet pulling, then call up a fresh (undamaged) pet to kill the monster. Annoying to keep switching, but if it keeps me alive without cash shop goodies so be it.

Step 6 - Rinse and repeat

Other stuff - When in a dungeon with others, you will find that many people don't understand how pulling works. Many melee types will jump in to save your pet, then bring the whole mess of monsters back to you. The result is usually a lot of death. Ranged attackers may also try to bail your pet out, and bring multiple mobs back for a round of fun and exp loss.

Save yourself some frustration (and experience) and take a minute or two to explain how you are going to pull the mobs. Tell them not to attack until the pulled mob has walked over to the group. Tell them not to go charging in. Tell them to ONLY attack the monster you are attacking.

In time everyone will understand, but for now (based on many dungeon runs) many people just don't get it, and a lot of people wound up dead and frustrated.
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PostSubject: Re: Werefox - Luring / Pulling Guide   Thu Jan 17, 2008 9:59 am

Things I would add for suggestions:

1) Call your pet back up anyways. The tank can miss hitting the mob, it may ignore the tank, or the tank could DC.

2) You need your distance when dismissing. Some mobs move rediciously fast. Some have long range magic / physical attack.

3) Pet for pulling only. Imo. Golem is too slow to try to hit a mob and live even if you're just dismissing. This also gives you the ability to call up another if it dies. Pet designed for pulling also can save on loyalty for your tank pet.

4) No one should attempt to save your pet really. It can die. You can rez it faster with a lot less down time then a party member.

Something I haven't proven: I don't know if PW actually cares or not: But:

- In previous games if you had the hate and someone cures you the mob may not go after you anymore.

I haven't proven this but it occured to me a few times. I'll correct this if anyone can find out.

Nice guide find.
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Werefox - Luring / Pulling Guide
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