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 Pharmacy & Herbal Elixirs

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PostSubject: Pharmacy & Herbal Elixirs   Wed Jan 16, 2008 6:55 pm

I'm currently a Lvl 3 pharmacist, and will level up that soon enough. I don't bother with heirograms (atk/matk/pdef/mdef) ones because they are really expensive, but Arch is probably a higher level one that I am. But I do make herbs, and herbal elixirs which are great for PvP (and good in a pinch in PvE as well).

Herbs that matter:
Nectar + Nervine Grass = 2k HP pot over 30 sec (it's a nice heal).
Euphorbiae, Ageratum - not need as much, but one is needed for a 40% speed boost for 15 sec buff which is nice. But still needs more Nectar/Nervine grass.

Arsenic Sulphide + Euphorbiae = 3k MP over 30 sec. ~rate of lvl 70 MP pots.

Horse Chestnut + Nectar(either that or the grass) = 4k hp over 30 sec (better heal).
Lotus Tuber + HenBane = 6k MP over 30 sec <-- looking for these to level up Lvl 3 pharmacy.

Tulip and Diago Leaf = free movement for 15 sec (kind of like that warrior skill).

There's also a set that increases one of the elemental defenses. Most notably, I think Fire, Wood, and Metal are nice against mages, WF, and EP. I think mages tend to use fire nukes more, but basically you can really reduce the damage of a next nuke.

If we get more territory, we'll have more access to other Elixirs. I hear Ethersword has a real nice one.

I can make/give them out as needed (HP/MP are nice for some dungeon runs), or make them as needed for when we do actual TW. Of course I'll be able to make heirograms too, but ask Arch, cuz I'm sure he'd help you.
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PostSubject: Re: Pharmacy & Herbal Elixirs   Wed Jan 16, 2008 7:56 pm

hmmm thought pharmacy ended @ lvl 2 lol
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Pharmacy & Herbal Elixirs
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