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 Mount & Blade

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PostSubject: Mount & Blade   Sun Mar 29, 2009 7:26 pm

So, these days i was looking for a game to play and went across Mount & Blade, an action game passed on the 13th century,FPS (first person shooter) style (yes,FPS),i mean, you got the "crosshair" and have to aim your sword swings,arrows,throws,etc

But thats not all, YOU make your choices, either pledging allegiance to one of the major lords, helping a claimant to recover his/her throne or being a solo warlord, conquering lands and men on your own name.

In M&B , you build your own army, either by recruiting mercenaries or heroes from towns or simple villagers(recruits) who wish to serve in your army.

The game has a great village/town/castle system, where you can buy supplies to feed your army, equipment to gear your heroes up , horses and the mercenaries mentioned above;also , you can get in the town and take a walk on the streets.Another cool thing about towns and castles is that you can imprison prisoners that you got in the battles

And the game is highly modeable, but thats another story


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Mount & Blade
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