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 Curretn War Infromation

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PostSubject: Curretn War Infromation   Wed Dec 19, 2007 12:32 pm

Information courtesy of ArchKnight.

Quote :

Here's the list so far, I don't know if there's any update but this is what we are at so far.

Cursed (they wanted to allies with us but we haven't gone into any major war lately and we haven't helped them yet )

Chinese Dragon (Claymores allies which also follow through as Claymores merged with Extreme and it's believed that we are allies with Chinese Dragon)

SSGT (Once we war with them but so far they haven't provoke us so we are at a stand still with them so far)

DREAMS (Also they have asked for a truce and hasn't dare attacked us yet so we won't take the first step to attack them)

A few other Chinese guild that we seem to have mellow out because they seem to back off and we don't wanna continue to escalate.

RMA (Provoked me and we just decided they are annoying, and ever since than I just pk them for pissing me off and everyone join in so I guess we are at war with them now )

Chinese guild with 2 star infront there name and behind (Former friend who used to group and lvl with us but they decided to back there Chinese friend during our war and so far has be hostile toward us and all we know is they aren't making a move because Chinese Dragon is attacking them aswell so there just trying not to piss us or the Chinese Dragon off)

Genesis (What's left of them and there split up extremist, they were enemies of Claymores but it seem they also carry over to Extreme, even though we have a couple of there old member and hold no ill will toward them, there's still a few old Genesis member who still make trouble with us and are in our KoS list)

We are now considered to be the second strongest guild in Extreme server, and most likely rival our allies the Chinese Dragon. During TW we were the second fastest guild to take down an terrority withing minute just shy short of a couple minute from Chinese Dragon take over. So far we haven't been attack by many other guild due to our tendency to back up our guild member when they are pked, or other guild attacking them. So far we really don't have any enemies per say due to the fact that we tend to scare them off or it mellow out and we tend to be peaceful in nature rather than provoking we just let it be.
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Curretn War Infromation
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