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 Rates on PW-Extreme server

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PostSubject: Rates on PW-Extreme server   Sun Feb 17, 2008 4:23 am

This is probably more for Foxyness since we had a guild discussion on the real rates of the server. Laz, and other members of the community, say that the rates are 10x [xp] normally, and 17x [xp] during "double rate events". Obviously people can't do math, or something's wrong. So, I did some testing, and I'll tell you the real rates, and what they are during the "double rate" event.

On official (PW-MY-EN), I made a new level 1 WF to test it out. (It's actually Double Items day today, but that doesn't affect the test):
Lvl 1 WF, killeds Lvl 1 mob (flower), gains 5 xp, and 4 sp.

I have a lvl 1 EP I made on PW Extreme. During days of the week, I kill a lvl 1 mob, I get 35 xp, and 80 sp. Doing the math, that's 7x XP, and 20x SP.

On double rate days (what I do to test double rates, others look at the server page), killing the same mob gets me 52 xp, and 120 sp. That's about 10.5x XP, and 30x SP. (In other worlds, the rates were multiplied by 1.5x)

Gold. I test on an event mob: On official (and early days of extreme), they always drop 2000 gold. On Extreme, they drop 12000 gold. So the gold rate is 6x. On double drop days, I see nothing more. They could drop more piles, but these mobs drop a lot already, so I think it's maxed out. But mobs sometimes drop two piles of gold, but that's a drop rate issue.

Drops. I kill a HH boss in solo mode, it normally drops 3 items (Ancient Broken Sword, Mirage Stone, Colossus Armor, or Rancor Vol). On double rate days, they always drop 6 items. And from one pile of gold to two. Rates are doubled during the "double rate events".

Official has 1x xp, 1x sp, 1x gold, 1x drops
Extreme has 7x xp, 20x sp, 6x gold, and 1x drops
Extreme (double rate event) has 10.5x xp, 30x sp, 6x gold, and 2x drops.

I like these rates, at least I can level a pet.
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PostSubject: Re: Rates on PW-Extreme server   Sun Feb 17, 2008 6:50 am

solo is fun solo is fun solo is fun solo is fun =.=!!
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Rates on PW-Extreme server
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