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 About TW pvp other guild

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PostSubject: About TW pvp other guild   About TW pvp other guild Icon_minitimeThu Feb 07, 2008 9:44 pm

First read TW Explained :
1 good party in TW
2 WR 1 WB 1 EP 1 EA and 1 MG or WF

WR in TW : this char is important in tw against a group of enemy ,stun them is ur first action ,if we have 2 WR in party 1 help Wb tank and stun enemy ,other protact nukers against enemy WR and help tank WR if there r too many enemies, but pls not 2 WR use stun same time ,1 will be a waste ..and dont try to kill WR WB ,if u want kill then go for mage nukers ,but it will be slow since all poeple got hiero in tw ,WR most important duty is stun and protect nukers

EP in TW : buff- heal -debuff and res ,yes they does much dmg too but if a party with full buff will be like 2 normal party without buff ,most important thing to do for Ep is buff,debuff and heal (mostly tanker like WB WR,esspecialy WB WR with catapult)

WB in TW: i recommed WB tranform to beast form ,ull tank better ,its hard to kill a WB with full buff ,and concern on 1 tower in tw ,use break armor ,cancel skill ,slow down ..etc,try kill opposite nukers if possible
anyway most important is still tank and tank

WF in TW : debuff then atk (or buff reflect/rebound) tranform to fox then debuff enemy with ur skill then atk as a nuker ~mag~EA
reflect buff WB and WR ,debuff is most important for a WF in TW
ah yes and pet skill too Wink

MG and EA in TW: kill and kill , help poeple kill ,EA kill EP MG then others
and MG kill WR WB then other class

class have to kill first in TW is EP

p/s ing for suggestion ^^
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About TW pvp other guild
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