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 Dusk Items

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PostSubject: Dusk Items   Thu Feb 07, 2008 7:04 am

Where to get stuff, and which bosses to kill.

I'm only doing magic weapons, axes, and bows, since that covers most of the people who want them.

Level 60
Ancient Wood Magic Sword (Magic Sword, Matk+56) - 5 x Colossus Blade
Skeletal Axe (Dual Axe, Patk +56) - 5x Smashed Tombours
Hasten CrossBow (Xbow, Patk +72) - 5x Smashed Tombours

Colossus Blade - 1-1 - First Boss
Smashed Tombours - 1-1 - Second Boss

Level 70
Bemoan Sword (Magic Sword, MP235, Con+11) - 5x MadCougar Leather Armor, 1x Ancient Wood Magic Sword
Ashura Sword (Magic Sword, Matk +63, Int+11) - 5x Broken Golden Scute, 1x Ancient Wood Magic Sword
ThunderClap Axe (Dual Axe, Max Patk+106, Str+10) - 5x MadCougar Leather Armor, 1x Skeletal Axe
Carved Axe (Dual Axe, Weakn, Con+11) - 5x Ashura Corset, 1x Skeletal Axe
Virility Thunder CrossBow (Xbow, Max Patk +139, Agi+11) - 5x Ashura Corset , 1x Hasten Crossbow
Cyclone CrossBow (Xbow, Acc +178, Atk Spd -0.05sec) - 5x MadCougar Leather Armor, 1x Hasten Crossbow
RigorSoul CrossBow (XBow, [Proc], Con +11) - 5x Fetch Tentacle, 1x Hasten Crossbow
UniCornu Bow (Bow, Delicacy [Incr accuracy], Patk +72, Acc +178) - 5x Colossus Loricae

Armor, Top - 5x Broken Golden Scute
Armor, Bottom - 5x Ashura Corset
Armor, Gloves - 5x Complete Tombour Structure
Armor, Shoes - 5x Ancient Snake Skin

Colossus Loricae - 1-2 - First Boss
Complete Tombour Structure - 1-2 - Second Boss
Broken Golden Scute - 1-2 - Third Boss (team only)
Fetch Tentacle - 1-2 - before 3rd boss (team mode, lots)
Ancient Snake Skin - 1-2 - after 3rd boss (team mode, lots)

MadCougar Leather Armor - 2-1 - First Boss
Ashura Corset - 2-1 - Second Boss

Level 80
Boundless Sword (Magic Sword, Cast time-3%, Max Matk+118, HP+165) - 8x MadCougar Claw, 8x Great Ape Tooth, 1x Bemoan Sword
Yaska Magic Sword (Magic Sword, Crit +1%, Pdef +216, Int +13) - 8x Ashura Hamulus, 8x Solid Golden Scute, 1x Ashura Sword
FetchLife Annulus (Quoit, Matk+70, Int+13, Agi +13) - 8x Archilles Hob, 8x Diligency Drum
Great Diety Dual Axe (Dual Axe, Crit +1%, Patk +63, Agi+10) - 8x Achilles Black Armor, 8x Ashura Hamulus, 1x ThunderClap Axe
Great Ape Axe (Dual Axe, Stun, Pdef+216, Con+12) - 8x Great Ape Tooth, 8x MadCougar Claw, 1x Carved Axe
Cougar Lord Axe (Dual Axe, HP Recovery, Str+12, Agi+12) - 8x Achilles Hob, 8x Diligency Drum, 1x Carved Axe
ThunderDeath CrossBow (XBow, Crit +1%, Agi+13, MP+236) - 8x Ashura Hamulus, 8x Great Ape Tooth, 1x Virility CrossBow
FetchInterim CrossBow (XBow, [Proc], Patk+82, Con+12) - 8x Great Ape Tooth, 8x MadCougar Claw, 1x RigorSoul CrossBow
Chokey CrossBow (XBow, [Proce], Agi +13, Str+13) - 8x Achilles Hob, 8x Colossus Armor, 1x RigorSoul CrossBow
Dynamic Flash Axe (XBow, Str+13, Agi+13, Int+13) - BierBite Beast Claw, 8x Diligency Drum

Achilles Black Armor - 2-1 - 3rd boss
Great Ape Tooth - 2-1 - team, lots
BietBite Beast Claw - 2-1 - team, lots
MadCougar Claw - 2-2 - 1st boss
Asura Hamulus - 2-2 - 2nd boss
Achilles Hob - 2-2 - 3rd boss
Great Ape Leather Armor - 2-2 - team, lots, 4th boss
BierBite Beast Mane - 2-2 - team, lots, 5th boss
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Dusk Items
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