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 Dungeon Mold Drops Info

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Name (IGN): ArchKnigh
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PostSubject: Dungeon Mold Drops Info   Dungeon Mold Drops Info Icon_minitimeSat Jan 26, 2008 6:14 am

Wolf Den - Heaven Splitter
Heaven Splitter's Phylactery
BlackHive Exorcise Axe
MysticShade MageSabre
BlackHive's Allecret
MadWolven's Legharness
HeavenBreak's Vambraces

Fire Grotto- Throng Force
Throng Force's Phylactery
Throng Force's Boot
MistyFlame Sword
MysticShade MageSabre
BlazeFlare Wand
Pyro Rock Heavy Mail
Pyro Rock Cabala
RagingFlare's MageTrouser
Throng Force's Boot

Serpent-Scorpion Cave- Occult Wimble
Occult Wimble's Phylactery
Artemis Bow
Cuisse of The Vicious
MysticShade MageSabre
Occult Wimble's Sandal

Ching Ye - Ching Ye Zhi
Duple Swallow
Bramble Cactus
Ching Ye Zhi's Necklace
Spook Guard's Heavy Mail
Ghoul's Legharness
Bale Fiend's Ring
StarSealer Sword
Lantern Wraith's Shell
WraithCry Battle Axe

Hades Residence

Occult Wimble
Occult Wimble's Sandal
Wraith Shader

Dark Flame
Dark Flame Vambrace
WitchLord's Gemstone

Brute Atlantean BreastPlate
Inter SoulReave Cricoid
Eido Atlantean Ring

Frosty Land

Tiger Myriad Forces
Ocelot Strength's Boot

Lion Myriad Forces
Lion's Heart Helmet
Cougaron's KnuckleRing

Dragon Myriad Forces
DrakeScale's Britches
MyriadForces' NeckLace
DragonBreath Heavy Scale
Secret Area Wind

Disaster Valley
Giải Trĩ (Hỏa)
Solar Armageddon
ViolentBlaze's FootWrap

Thao Thiết (Thổ)
Sand Amir's Wrath
Grand Mammoth PoleAxe
Ashura Legharness

Tử Mạc (Kim)
Thunder Monarch's Sigil

Uẩn Tượng (Mộc)
The Breath of Flora
Cuisse of The Vicious

Khiên Tích
Undine headgear
Grand Mammoth PoleAxe

Ghost door
Oán Linh Vu Sư
Spirit Devour Hefty Boots

Evil snake king
The BaneSerpant's Sigil

Tâm Ma
Aeolian Scud SlingShot
Dark Chthonic Legharness
Atrium Iblis's Power Ring

Thủy Tà
Aqua Belial's Shell
VioletStorm EvilWard

Buffalo Head
Gauren Chief's Hide
BloodMalefic Duo Axe
Dark Chthonic Legharness

Horse face
SteedPhiz Hierogram
Prophecy MageSabre
Dark Chthonic Britches

Bí Bảo Quật
Phong Nhất Kiếm
Cuirass of Sorrow One

Hắc Thủ Hồ Đao
Black Hand's Phylactery

Huyết Nha
Wolven WitchLord
Blood Fang's WristBracer
Pronate Triumph
Daimon Bone Cap

Ling Yu
The Ring of LingYun
Immerge DrakeSparrow

Lăng Phiên Thiên
Skipper's WristBracer
Pirate's Helmet
Skipper's Cuisse
Pirate Monarch's Breast Plate
MysticIron Mauler
Pirate Monarch's Proof

Devil Land

Ether Demon
Heavenly SoulSuppresser
Ether Demon Cape
Ether Belial's Bijou

Phiền Năo Ma
DragonShadow's Phylactery
Heavenly SoulSuppresser

Ám Ma
Demonic Massacre's Waist Adorn
Amorous Chromatic Adorn

Fairy Land

Thousand Spirits
Thousand Spirits Acton

Celestial Fox
Celestial Fox's Phylactery

Brahma's Ring
Brahma Demonic Blade
Brahma's Cuisse
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Aquarius Cat
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Name (IGN): Kayleen
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PostSubject: Re: Dungeon Mold Drops Info   Dungeon Mold Drops Info Icon_minitimeSat Jan 26, 2008 9:10 am

stats for molds? that would be awesome btw
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Dungeon Mold Drops Info
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