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 List of Alliances and Enemys - Updated

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PostSubject: List of Alliances and Enemys - Updated   Thu Jan 24, 2008 1:39 pm

Chinese Dragon: 中国龙
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others are neutral to us
but seem like RMA and DREAMS quitting and waitinf for PW BR server come out
so kinda like we dont have any enemy anymore ,they rare online and only for pk Surprised ,some 1 in guild said that its boring coz no enemy ..
personally i dont want to make war with other guild coz low lvl members in clan ,they might get pk while doing quest or grind .
But its boring too ..since im at 9x and slow lvlign ..too lazy Razz
Genesis was our enemy ( vs Claymore) and now Cursed (after Psyknix quit Failure created this )
some of them messing with some guildies of our guild , i got pmed from them like "watch ur member" ,"i got this from ur guild member , pk droped" "i killed him becoz of.." "etc"
and that Failure guy keep spamming our guild section in Extreme server guild forum ..
that why now i wanna declar war with them
but i want to ask ur opinion first
so pls vote or wtite ur opinion Smile

p/s sry for my bad english

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List of Alliances and Enemys - Updated
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